Meet The Team

Group Roles

Cam Beale
Group Scout Leader

Hi I’m Cam and I am the Group Scout Leader for 21st Nursling and Rownhams Scout Group. My role means I get the great privilege and pleasure in running, managing, and overseeing the whole group.

I started off my Scouting journey as a Beaver in 2004 then moved onto Cubs and then Scouts at 21st. I then went on to become a young leader in Cubs and later became Assistant Cub Leader for one year before forming and running our second Cub Pack (Phoenix). Amongst being the Section Leader for Cubs I had the pleasure in being the Deputy Group Scout Leader.

Being the GSL isn’t my only Scouting responsibility, I am also the Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts in Romsey District, which means I get to visit Cub packs from all over Romsey, run some awesome events like District Challenge Trophy camp and most of all our District Paris trip to Disneyland. Being a leader is one of the best things I could think of you get to have all the excitement and fun the children get to have.

Bex Fouch
Group Chair

Bex has been a member of Scouts since she herself was a Scout. Bex’s adult Scouting career started in 2000 becoming an assistant leader with our Endeavour Scout Troop. Bex went on to also become assistant Explorer leader running many international trips and then later took up the post of Group Chair in 2016.

Randell McKay
Deputy Group Chair

Randell’s Scouting journey started off many years ago as a Cub Scout. Randell continued this into his adulthood and joined the group as assistant Section Leader in Scouts, Randell went on to become a fantastic Section Leader which the Scouts looked up to as he was (still is) full of knowledge and skills. Randell later took on the role of Group Scout Leader from 2014 – 2021. Randell helped with the growth and development of the group in his time as GSL. Randell is now Deputy Group Chair and will be succeeding Bex in the summer of 2024.

Jason Phelps
Group Treasurer and Assistant Section Leader Taurus Cubs

Jason has been with the group since 2012 but prior to this he was with the group from 1995 – 1997. Having taken a break Jason re-joined us in 2012 as Assistant Leader for Taurus (then Gemini pack) for a short amount of time before taking on the role of Akela from 2013 – 2021. Jason then succeeded Randell in the role of GSL in 2021. The group being in of a new Treasurer, Jason kindly offered to change roles and become our treasurer in 2022 with Cam then taking on the GSL.

Gill McKay
Group Secretary

Gill has been a member of 21st Nursling and Rownhams for 9 years. Gill does a fantastic job at being on the board of trustees and our group secretary.

Steve Batchelor
Lead Group Skills Instructor – Target Sports

Steve has been with the group since 2012. Steve started off in Endeavour Scout Troop as Assistant Section Leader.

Steve then went onto to expand our Target Sports events and exposure as a group. Steve is a County Skills Instructor and has many regional roles that involve target sports. What Steve doesn’t know about rifle club isn’t worth knowing.

Tony Moles
Group Skills Instructor – Target Sports

One of the groups longest serving leaders and supporters. Tony has been leading, assisting, and instructing the group since 1998. Tony’s roles have consisted of:

Assistant Section Leader for Cubs, Assistant Section Leader for Scouts, Section Leader for what was Gemini Pack now Taurus Pack, Deputy Group Scout Leader and now Tony spends much of his time organising Target Sports events.


Joe Ray
Section Leader Squirrels - Acorn & Peanut

Joe joined Scouting back in 2019 where she started off as a Beaver Leader in another District. Joe joined 21st in 2022 to help with our second Scout Troop – Atlantis.

Seeing Joe’s talents with the young people and knowing her passion was with the younger sections Joe started up our 1st Squirrel Drey back in July 2022. Since the success of the 1st Drey Joe then opened our second Squirrel Drey.

Joe is also an Autism ambassador for Hampshire Scouts as well as Assistant District Commissioner for Squirrel Scouts in Romsey.

Squirrels - Acorn

Simon Harris
Assistant Section Leader – Acorn Drey

Simon joined 21st in July 2023 to assist our newly formed second Squirrel Drey. Simon is full of energy and enthusiasm and is a good chef when the group is in need of a BBQ.

Kitty Pilcher
Section Assistant Squirrels

Squirrels - Peanut Drey

Leanne Cooper
Assistant Section Leader - Peanut Drey

Leanne has been a member of 21st since 2020. Leanne has had children come up through the group and originally started off on our board of trustees. Leanne made the change to the front line in October 2022 focusing on Squirrel Scouts.

Sophia Harris
Assistant Section Leader - Peanut Drey

Sophia joined 21st in February 2023. Sophia one of our Assistant Section Leaders for Squirrels.

Carley ball-Le Marechal
Section Assistant Squirrels

Beavers - River Colony

Kerrie Bowers
Section Leader Beavers - River

Kerrie’s scouting journey started when her children joined the 21st Romsey Scout Group as Beaver Scouts. Kerrie joined the team as an exec member in the role of Parent representative in 2005. Kerrie became the waiting list manager until 2012.

Once her own children moved out of Beaver Scouts. Kerrie joined the Beaver leader team in 2009 as Beaver Section Assistant. Then taking over the role of River Beaver leader in 2014 when the current leader Gill became ill with MND.

Alongside Beavers, since 2015 has also been a member of Romsey Draco Explorer Unit both as section assistant and treasurer. The great thing is Kerrie gets to be with the young people at the younger and older age range of the Scout movement.

Mary Nash
Assistant Section leader Beavers – River Colony

Mary joined the group back in 2007 where she was an occasional helper. Mary later went into uniform in 2014 as Assistant Section Leader for River Colony. Mary enjoys camping and you can always rely on her to be awake in the middle of the night for camp.

Katrina Davies
Assistant Section leader Beavers – River Colony

Beavers - Wood Colony

Graeme Harris-Scott
Section Leader Beavers - Wood

Graeme started his Scouting career in 2006 in Chandlers Ford District. In 2020 Graeme joined 21st Nursling and Rownhams within the Scout Section. The group was in need of a Section Leader for Wood Colony, Graeme decided to make the change from the Scout section to the Beaver Section in 2022.

Claire Cookson
Assistant Section Leader Beavers - Wood

My name is Claire. My scout name is Eagle. I am the Assistant Beaver Leader of Wood Colony. I am a leader because I find it rewarding. I was a Brownie and a Guide but then switched to scouts.

I started helping at a beaver group for part of my challenge badge and then the leader left so I took the group on. I have been a leader for 28 years. Most of that I spent as a beaver leader in another district but I have been part of this district and group for nearly 2 years. I enjoy it because I like meeting new people and I enjoy all of the challenges and opportunities that it brings. I also enjoy it when a beaver achieves something that they thought they could not achieve. It’s good to see the smile on their faces.

Cubs - Phoenix Pack

Craig Wilkins
Section Leader Cubs - Phoenix

Craig Wilkins is the dedicated Section Leader of the 21 Romsey Phoenix Cubs, whose journey into scouting leadership was inspired by his daughter Lexi’s enrollment in the Cubs. Witnessing Lexi’s enthusiasm and growth within the scouting community ignited Craig’s own passion for guiding and mentoring young minds. His commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging environment for the Cubs stems from a profound belief in the transformative power of scouting. Craig finds immense joy in witnessing the Cubs develop essential life skills, forge lasting friendships, and explore the world around them through adventurous activities and shared experiences. For Craig, scouting is more than just a hobby; it’s a fulfilling opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals, shaping them into confident, capable, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Ronnie Thomas
Assistant Section Leader Cubs – Phoenix

Ronnie joined the group back in 2016 when her youngest was a Cub. Ronnie is great in the kitchen and supporting camps. Ronnie has been on two of our international trip with Romsey District Cubs.

Chris Harden
Section Assistant
Andy Russell
Section Assistant
Kim Smith
Section Assistant
Mary Hinton
Section Assistant
Si Lewis
Section Assistant

Taurus Pack

Bethan Cowley
Section Leader Cubs - Taurus

Bethan joined the group as a Scout and moved onto becoming a young leader within the group, primary working with Cubs and Scouts. When Bethan became 18 she then became an adult leader and went onto become the Section Leader of Taurus Pack.

Jason Phelps
Group Treasurer and Assistant Section Leader Taurus Cubs

Jason has been with the group since 2012 but prior to this he was with the group from 1995 – 1997. Having taken a break Jason re-joined us in 2012 as Assistant Leader for Taurus (then Gemini pack) for a short amount of time before taking on the role of Akela from 2013 – 2021. Jason then succeeded Randell in the role of GSL in 2021. The group being in of a new Treasurer, Jason kindly offered to change roles and become our treasurer in 2022 with Cam then taking on the GSL.

Steve ‘Wally’ Wallis
Assistant Section Leader

Wally has been a member of 21st for many years. Starting of as a Section Assistant, then moving onto Assistant Section leader and then moving onto become Akela (Section Leader of Taurus). Wally stepped back to focus more on target sports.

Rayne Senneck
Section Assistant
Suzanne Rawlins
Section Assistant
Rachel Biondani
Assistant Section Leader
Alicja Karpinska
Assistant Section Leader

Scouts- Atlantis Troop

Jess De Sousa
Section Leader - Atlantis

I first started scouting in scouts which has taken me to many places and given me lots of opportunities. From long expeditions across the country to helping with the coronation, you never know where scouting will take you.

I’m a leader so that I can help give others the same opportunities while learn a whole host of skills along the way and inspire other to continue with scouting after they leave scouts.

Ivan Proctor
Assistant Section Leader – Atlantis Troop

Ivan joined the group back in 2022 as Section Assistant for our newly formed Second Scout Troop. Ivan remembered the days of his own Scouting journey and wanted to ‘give something back’.

Gary Ingram
Assistant Leader – Atlantis Troop

Gary joined Scouts with 10th Romsey. After a small break away from Scouting Gary re-joined Scouting with 21st in July 2023. Gary has extensive knowledge when using axe and saw.

Chris Harden
Section Assistant
Alex Elliott
Section Assistant
Jazmine Archer
Section Assistant

Scouts - Endeavour Troop

Tina Elliott
Section Leader Scouts - Endeavour

Tina first started at 21st Nursling and Rownhams in 1989 until 2014 as an Assistant Section Leader for Endeavour Troop. Tina then went on to become Section Leader for Scouts in 2014 until present. Tina is also the joint Assistant District Commissioner Scouts for Romsey.

Ian Biondani
Assistant Section Leader – Endeavour Troop

Ian has been with us for 5 years now. Ian enjoys camps and supporting the Scouts gain new skills. The group is very thankful for Ian’s technical expertise has he helps manage the technical aspect of the group.

Connor Saunders
Assistant Section Leader
Hollie Bowers
Section Assistant
Isobel Cooper
Assistant Section Leader
Jasmin Elliott
Section Assistant

Explorers - Draco

Terry Elliott
Section Leader - Explorer Scouts - Draco

Even though Explorers are managed by District level, Draco and Terry have a very strong connection with 21st Scout Group. Terry started of his Scouting career in Woking in 1997. Terry later moved to Romsey District assistant in the Explorer Section. Terry took over the Section Leader role in September 2013.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls