Photographer Activity Badge

Give this badge task a try from home, record your evidence. Let me know how you get on, share it, tag it, show it, send it, and you’ll get the badge.
Choose from still photography, in colour or black & white, or producing video of two different subjects as detailed below.
Try using image software, video editing suites and or apps to alter and stylise your images.
Discuss your choices with an adult before you start, once completed and verified you’ll get the badge.

Choose one of the options as detailed below:

Option 1 – Still Photography

Create a gallery of still photos based on a particular subject.

Then either:

  • Print out, display and film your gallery explaining your thoughts and ideas behind your pictures.
  • Or write a short piece about your photos and send it in together with your chosen pictures.
Option 2 – Film Making

Produce at least two short films from two of these categories.

  • documentary
  • music video
  • drama
  • comedy
  • advertisement
  • training film
If you have an idea for your own film subject, let me know before you start.

Learn about the rule of thirds here…

With your adult’s permission we can then publish your work on our website and social media. 

Upload It…

OSM Badges at Home

You can upload all your pictures, videos and findings to OSM Badges at Home.

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