Give this badge task a try from home, record your evidence. Let me know how you get on, share it, tag it, show it, send it, and you’ll get the badge.

Make a difference and play an active part in improving the environment in your local area. Complete the badge and help protect the environment for future generations.

Environmental Conservation Activity Badge

How to earn your badge:

1, Find out about an environmental issue that is important to your local community.

It might be linked to:

  • recycling and conservation
  • energy efficiency in the home or your meeting place – ask your adult and list what’s in your house
  • the building of new homes and local land use – what is Brown Belt land?
  • water, light, thermal, air or beach pollution
  • coastal erosion – look at the cliffs along Thurstaston Shore, what’s glacial til?
  • the impact of tourism on the local environment – what effect does tourism have on our sailing lake?
2, Take part in an activity or project that improves local conservation.

It could take place during a weekend conservation camp or you could spread it over at least five weekly sessions.

You could look at:

  • recycling – collect plastic bottles for recycling
  • reducing energy usage or renewable energy – keep a log of how many lights you switch off after your adults
  • protecting important habitats or wildlife – find out what the Wirral Rangers do
  • pollution – what types of pollution can be found on Wirral, can you stop it?
  • erosion – photograph the same part of Thurstaston Cliffs over several weeks
  • flooding – do we have flooding on Wirral, do we need the sea wall at Leasowe?
3, Get involved in a campaign to make others aware of an environmental issue.

You could write to your MP and other local agencies or speak to a community group. Write an article about a local environmental issue and we will publish it on this website and perhaps elsewhere.

With your adult’s permission we can then publish your work on our website and social media. 

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